How to Speed Up Your Computer


Is your computer slowing down? Do you feel like it might be time to get another one? You may be able to extend the life of your computer doing one or all of the following three things:

slow computer? Get a tuneup.

  1. Get it tuned up. Believe it or not, computers do need tune-ups. Both Windows and Apple operating systems need tune-ups at least once a year but sometimes more depending on how much you use your computer. Every time you install a program, information is being stored on your drive. Also, the more you surf and open up programs,the more likely it is to get sluggish. Bring your computer to us and we’ll be able to give it the tune-up that it needs!

  2. Increase its RAM. If your computer isn’t maxed out on its memory, this is a very inexpensive upgrade for your computer. Adding memory increases speed immediately. The price of memory is relatively cheap and you may be able to double your existing memory for under $30. Sometimes this is something that you can install yourself physically, but it requires that you know some of the settings inside of the computer that need to be changed as well. This is also a service that we offer.

  3. Replace your old mechanical hard drive with a Solid State Drive. If you picture hard drives as cars, the old-style hard drive works great, just like a daily commuter car does. But the new SSD is like a NASCAR racecar compared to that commuter. For example, the older style drives would write to the drive at about 50-120 megabytes per second. The SSD drives are closer to 500 megabytes per second. They’ll also cut your boot-up time down to an average of under 15 seconds.

Of the 3 options above, installing a new SSD is the most expensive, but it is worth the switch in our opinion. If you are ready to boost up your computer’s speed and give it new life, give us a call! And if you read all of this and decided you’d still just rather buy a new one, we can help you with that as well!

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